Kindred Outdoor Cabinets

Kindred Outdoor Cabinets quickly assemble into a virtually limitless combination of configurations.

Each piece is made of glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFCR) which can be installed on any solid flooring surface without concrete footings or rebar. They eliminate construction waste and reduce additional time associated with traditional masonry block installations. Outdoor cabinets can be assembled in just hours; even cut-outs for custom features such as barbecues, sinks, drawers and burners can be done on-site.

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Kindred Outdoor Cabinets

12 inch kindred outdoor cabinet

12 Inch Cabinet

12″ Cabinet
30″D x 36″ H
Item Code: LOLPLS0012

24 inch kindred outdoor cabinet

24 Inch Cabinet

24″ Cabinet
30″D x 36″H
Item Code: LOLPLS0024

36 inch kindred outdoor cabinet

36 Inch Cabinet

36″ Cabinet
30″D × 36″H
Item Code: LOLPLS0036

48 inch kindred outdoor cabinet

48 Inch Cabinet

48″ Cabinet
30″D × 36″H
Item Code: LOLPSL0048

60 inch kindred outdoor cabinet

60 Inch Cabinet

60″ Cabinet
30″D × 36″H
Item Code: LOLPLS0060

corner kindred outdoor cabinet

Corner Cabinet

90° Corner Cabinet
30″D × 30″L × 36″H

Kindred Cabinet - Bar Height Cabinet Straight

Bar Height Cabinet Straight

Bar height cabinet with 10 inch cantilever backside
30”D x 30”L x 40”H

Kindred Cabinet - Bar Height 90 degree Corner Cabinet

Bar Height 90° Corner Cabinet

Bar height 90 degree Corner Cabinet with 10 inch cantilever on two sides
30”D x 30”L x 40”H


kindred outdoor cabinet end cap

Cabinet End Cap

24″ × 24″ sq
End Caps complete the installation by closing off openings on either end of assembled island.

kindred outdoor cabinet vent


Vents are recommended by many barbecue appliance manufacturers when installing gas appliances into a closed cabinet.
Item Code: LO1000VENT

kindred outdoor cabinet bracket set

Appliance Bracket Set

Includes 2 brackets & screws for use with drawers, doors, etc. Works with flanges to secure items in cabinet cut-outs.
Item Code: LOLPLSAB02

kindred outdoor cabinet faster set

Fastener Set

Includes 4 nuts, 4 bolts & 8 washers. One fastener set is required to secure two cabinets.
Item Code: LOLPLSF004

Due to the variety of computer monitors and desktop color printers, combined with the limitations of Internet technology, the perception of Kindred products varies. Always have your mason prepare a mock-up prior to beginning the actual installation.