Concrete Filled Columns That Don’t Require Welding

Lally Lock Column

In the Northeast, concrete columns used in basements hold an important function of bearing weight of beams and floors above them. While traditional columns have been used since 1930s, the Lally Lock Columns with the patented design of an embedded fastening unit innovatively change how builders install columns and provide connectivity from sub floor beams and structural support.

Lally Lock Columns are commonly made in 16 gauge tubular steel either 3 ½ or 4 inch diameter and then filled with a premium concrete made for strength. The patented, embedded fastening unit is installed inside one end of a column allowing installers to screw in any of the lally lock cap plates. This eliminates welding and achieves a code required “positive connection.” On the other end, a base plate needs to be selected and implanted in a concrete footing or floor. Columns are painted grey to blend in. The next two steps in the EASY process of installing are selecting a cap plate and a base plate.


  • No welding
  • One man install
  • Uplift protection
easy lally column install
graphically designed lally lock coulmn

Step 1

Choose a column.

cap plate for lally column

Step 2

Choose a cap plate.

basement column base plate

Step 3

Choose a base plate.

Column Sizes & Codes

Column Diameter Lengths Available
3 1/2" 16 gauge 6' to 12'
4" 16 gauge 6' to 14'
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Item Codes 3.5" Lally Lock Column Sizes
BG301 6' x 3.5" 16 GA
BG303 7' x 3.5" 16 GA
BG304 7'6" x 3.5" 16 GA
BG305 8' x 3.5" 16 GA
BG306 9' x 3.5" 16 GA
BG307 10' x 3.5" 16 GA
BG308 12' x 3.5" 16 GA
Item Codes 4" Lally Lock Column Sizes
BG401 6' x 4" 16 GA
BG403 7' x 4" 16 GA
BG404 7'6" x 4" 16 GA
BG405 8' x 4" 16 GA
BG407 9' x 4" 16 GA
BG408 10' x 4" 16 GA
BG409 12' x 4" 16 GA
BG410 14' x 4" 16 GA

Structural Lock System Components

Lock System

Originally, our patented Lock System was designed for our concrete filled and hollow adjustable lally columns.

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Lock Column

Our patented Lally Lock columns are concrete-filled and are available in 3 1/2″ or 4″ outside diameter.

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Our system allows users to simply screw in any of our cap plates into a 6″ threaded rod.

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Our base plates are designed to disperse a wide range of load configurations.

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Our columns come 3″ & 4″ in diameter and are constructed using 11 gauge steel.

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