Building Products

Portland Stone Ware focuses on supplying solid, quality products for the lumber and masonry industries. We specialize in assembling concrete-filled columns that have supported buildings all over the northeast and mid-Atlantic states.

Since 1970, PSW has been known for the simply designed, red Portland Column. Portland Columns are used as structural members to transfer axial compressive loads, from steel or wood beams, to footings. The 16 gauge steel columns ranging from 6’ to 12’ in height, sizes 3½” and 4” diameter are the most common sizes used in the industry. Columns are packaged 10 per bundle.

In 2019, PSW acquired Dean Column Co. and began to manufacture products with a patented locking system, known as the Structural Lock System. This system is an embedded fastening unit installed in Lally Lock Columns, adjustable columns, posts, or bracing to improve connectivity of support and attachment to beams. This allows installers to simply screw in a wide variety of cap plates that fit almost any beam configuration and eliminates the costly and timely need for welding.

PSW also manufactures Bollards. Bollards are visible barriers used to protect valuable areas. Common placement of bollards are in commercial/industrial settings to block areas such as parking lots, sidewalks, storefronts and utility equipment. They are also often used to restrict access to specific areas. Portland Stone Ware Bollards are made from minimum 3,000 psi concrete batches and specified pipe or tubing to withstand significant impact.

We also proudly distribute DELTA® products, which are premium moisture management building materials that protect property, save energy, and create comfort for both residential and commercial buildings. DELTA® products have the longevity, quality, and technology that are desired in the building industry today.

Portland Stone Ware supplies these products to retailers of building materials. If you’re looking to order Columns, Bollards and DELTA® products, please contact a lumberyard near you.