Providing Secure Support with our patented locking system

In our changing and challenging world, residential building demands innovative building products. From gale force winds, house fires, and expanding floor plans there needs to be strong vertical and horizontal support. Originally created to improve structural support and to improve installation of a Lally Column, this patented designed has found new ways to improve connectivity between beams and posts.

The Structural Lock System is an embedded fastening unit installed in columns, posts, or bracing to improve connectivity of support and attachment to beams. This allows installers to simply screw in a wide variety of cap plates that fit almost any beam configuration and eliminates the costly and timely need for welding. Explore how the popular Lally Lock Column, Adjustable Column, Brace and the Post (coming soon) will ease installation.

Contact local lumber yards and retailer of building materials in the northeast for pricing and availability.

Structural Lock System

lally, basement column

Lally Lock Columns

Concrete columns that don’t require welding.

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adjustable basement column

Adjustable Columns

Adjustable Column with interchangeable cap plates.

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Framing with a bracing system that builds stronger and spans longer.

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Structural Lock System Components

Lock System

Originally, our patented Lock System was designed for our concrete filled and hollow adjustable lally columns.

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Lock Column

Our patented Lally Lock columns are concrete-filled and are available in 3 1/2″ or 4″ outside diameter.

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Our system allows users to simply screw in any of our cap plates into a 6″ threaded rod.

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Our base plates are designed to disperse a wide range of load configurations.

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Our columns come 3″ & 4″ in diameter and are constructed using 11 gauge steel.

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