Custom Columns

Portland Stone Ware has the ability to customize any basement column required for a project. We use the same concrete used in our stock 16 gauge column required for a project, but we can customize the steel gauge for any application per the specifications.

Weld in House

Upon request, Portland Stone Ware is able to perform in-house welding of columns to top plates such as Standard, Springfield and 6” Springfield Plates. This is often done so that welding does not have to take place in the field

Schedule 40 Pipe

A Schedule 40 Pipe has a thicker outside wall than an average column. Schedule 40 Pipes are available upon request when specified by an engineer (please provide nominal and/or outside dimensions).

lally column in-house welding

Portland Column Components

Portland Column

Portland Columns are used as structural members to transfer axial compressive loads, from steel or wood beams, to footings.

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Column Plates

Plates are your choice of securing a column to the beam.

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Portland Columns comply with ICC and BOCA regulations and are tested regularly by third party agencies.

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Custom Columns

PSW offers the ability to customize any column required for a project.

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Portland Columns are fabricated and distributed by Portland Stone Ware Co.