In 1970 Portland Stone Ware began fabricating the Portland concrete filled column. After being approved by ICC-Evaluation Service Inc. in 1993, the 16 gauge Portland Columns and caps have been code compliant. Portland Columns have undergone a physical plant inspection and certification annually by an independent auditor hired by ICC-Evaluation Services. It is important to us to comply with ICC and BOCA regulations each year. The value of having third party testing is to guarantee the quality of our products. Portland Columns have been ICC-ES code compliant for more than 23 years.

Please note, Portland Columns strength is listed below in table 1 from our ICC-ES Legacy Report No. 93-36-02. The unit of measure is in kips which is a unit of force used by architects and engineers to measure engineering loads. One kip is about 1000 pounds.

Table 1 (from ICC-ES Legacy Report No. 93-36.02)


Column Length
(in feet)
Design Compressive
3 1/2-Inch Column
Strength (In KIPS)
4-Inch Column
6.0 25.1 33.3
6.5 23.6 31.8
7.0 22.2 30.3
7.5 20.7 28.8
8.0 19.3 27.2
8.5 17.8 25.7
9.0 16.4 24.1
9.5 15.1 22.6
10.0 13.8 21.0
11.0 11.3 18.1
12.0 9.1 15.3
13.0 N.D. 12.8
14.0 N.D. 10.6

Notes to Table 1:

1. The compressive strength of the columns given above are based on factored load design. These values shall be used to determine the columns ability to resist the design loads given in the BOCA National Building Code/1999, when multiplied by the factors given in the AISC Load and Resistance Factor Design Specifications for Structural Steel Building, 1998 edition.

2. N.D. = Not Determined

Portland Column Components

Portland Column

Portland Columns are used as structural members to transfer axial compressive loads, from steel or wood beams, to footings.

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Column Plates

Plates are your choice of securing a column to the beam.

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Portland Columns comply with ICC and BOCA regulations and are tested regularly by third party agencies.

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Custom Columns

PSW offers the ability to customize any column required for a project.

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Portland Columns are fabricated and distributed by Portland Stone Ware Co.